6th Singapore CLO Awards

About SCCA

The Singapore CorporateCounsel Association Limited is the pioneer national organisation representing the interests of in-house lawyers working for companies and other entities based in Singapore. SCCA's Mission is to promote professional standards and provide developmental opportunities to help in-house lawyers in Singapore be Better Counsel. SCCA believes that Better Counsel make Better Corporations, and, in turn, Better Corporations make Better Communities.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Scripting

3. Storyboarding and concept

4. Animation

5. Sound design

About CLO Awards

Chief Legal Officers have been showcasing exemplary leadership skills in many leading organizations this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the economic front, the crisis presented as one of the greatest challenges. Within organizations, the legal departments had to work under extreme pressures and produce results that would sustain employment, business longevity, and manage the well-being of colleagues. CLOs in Singapore exercised and executed new plans and strategies that deserve to be honoured in 2022.

Project Scope

— Certificates for the Winners, Participents, Judges and Sponsors

— Social Media posts and banners for online promotion

— Print design including pullup banners, name tags and posters

— Set of videos to be played during the event, videos for nominees and winners

The videos required were divided into, videos needed before the event, videos needed after the event and a large set of videos that were needed to be played on that day. Some of the videos to be plaed on the day includes, showing the top nominees and finalists in each category and then showing the winner among them. The second type of videos to be played on that day were the videos in which the nominees told about their top acievements for the year. A few of the videos are displayed below in the order, enjoy!🙂

Winners from Each Category:

A video showing sponsors for the show, to be played on the side screens during the event:

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